Banana Nut Roll-Up/Rollo de Plátano y Nuez

According to the USDA, the average American eats 2.2 snacks a day and gets 1/4 (25%) of his/her daily calorie intake from snacking. Snacks keep us focused and energized in between meals, so it’s important to make sure the snack foods we are eating are healthy. This month’s recipe is an easy-to-make Banana Nut Roll-Up, rich in … Read more

Peachy Strawberry Medley/Mezcla de Fresa y Durazno

Our bodies are constantly losing water. Most healthy adults need about 8 cups of water each day, but we usually only think to drink when we’re thirsty–by then we’re already dehydrated!  And water is critical for our health–to regulate body temperature, transport nutrients and oxygen to cells, maintain proper lung function, protect organs and joints, … Read more

Black Bean Dip/Platillo de Frijol Negro

Fiber. You’ve heard of it, you know it’s healthy. But did you know you that a good source of fiber can be something as tasty as a bean dip? July’s recipe of the month–Black Bean Dip–contains dietary fiber, which is very good for your digestive system and for the regulation of blood sugar. This recipe … Read more

Mango-Cucumber Wrap/Rollo de Mango-Pepino

There are good calories and bad calories, and this month’s Mango-Cucumber Wrap is an example of … good calories! The many benefits of this recipe are that it boosts your fruit and vegetable intake, it increases your energy, and it’s an excellent source of fiber, which are important for a healthy digestive system and the … Read more

Green Smoothie

The Recipe of the Month for April is our Green Smoothie. There are quite a few benefits for this recipe! It boosts your fruit and vegetable intake (particularly of greens), it increases your energy, it’s an excellent source of fiber, it strengthens your immune system, it’s a great source of minerals for healthy bones, and … Read more