Passion For Produce

Choose your own fruits and vegetables
Bring your own bags
Nutrition education and peer support

All days and times are subject to change, especially during the holiday season. Please call our Community Food Hotline, 831-662-0991, between 8am – 4pm Monday to Friday to verify dates and times.

Passion For Produce Schedule - Updated 4.30.19
CitySite NameSite AddressDay of DistributionWeek of the MonthTime of DistributionLanguage for Class
WatsonvilleLa Manzana521 Main StFriday1st10:00 AMN/A
FreedomPacific Terrace131 Landis Ave.Thursday3rd1:00 PM (45 min)N/A
WatsonvilleWatsonville Senior Center114 E. Fifth St.Thursday4th10:00 AMN/A
Santa CruzBay View Elementary1231 Bay St.Friday3rd4:30 PMN/A
Santa CruzEmerald Bay Apartments2500 Soquel Dr.Tuesday4th11:30 AMN/A
FreedomSunny Meadows220 Ross Ave.Friday2nd11:00 AMN/A
WatsonvilleVillas Del Paraiso340 Paraiso Dr.Thursday4th4:30 PMN/A
WatsonvilleAmesti School25 Amesti Rd.Wednesday1st and 3rd4:00 PMSpanish
WatsonvilleCalabasas Elementary202 Calabasas Rd.Tuesday1st and 2nd3:45 PMSpanish
Santa CruzFaith Community Church115 South Morrisey AveTuesday2nd and 3rd10:30 AMEnglish
SoquelInner Light5630 Soquel Dr.Tuesday1st and 4th11:00 AMEnglish
WatsonvilleChurch of Nazarene710 Green Valley Rd.Wednesday2nd and 4th3:30 PMN/A
SoquelSDA Soquel Bilingual Church2501 Porter St.Friday2nd and 4th5:00 PMBilingual Spanish/English
Santa CruzLive Oak Elementary1916 Capitola Rd.Tuesday1st and 4th6:30 PMSpanish
FreedomCorralitos Creek125 Pajaro Cir.Tuesday2nd and 3rd4:00 PMSpanish
WatsonvilleDon Bosco2401 East Lake Ave.Thursday1st and 3rd8:30AM (90 min)Spanish
Santa CruzNeary Lagoon81 Chestnut St.Friday1st and 3rd3:00 PMBilingual Spanish/English
WatsonvilleSan Andreas Housing295 San Andreas Rd.Wednesday2nd and 3rd5:00 PMSpanish
FreedomVista Verde Apts.45 Stewart Ave.Thursday2nd and 4th6:00 PMSpanish
WatsonvilleStarlight Elementary225 Hammer Dr.Thursday1st and 3rd4:00 PMBilingual Spanish/English
Santa CruzDeLaveaga Elementary1145 Morissey Blvd.Wednesday2nd and 4th6:00 PMBilingual Spanish/English
WatsonvilleAlianza School115 Casserly Rd.Thursday1st and 2nd4:30PMN/A
Santa CruzEast Cliff Village1635 Tremont Dr.Wednesday1st and 3rd10:00 AMN/A
Santa CruzElizabeth Oaks1460 Jose Ave.Wednesday1st and 3rd11:30 AM (45 min)N/A
FreedomFreedom Elementary25 Holly Dr.Wednesday1st and 4th5:15 PMN/A
AptosAptos Pantry/Freedom Roads7200 Freedom Blvd.Tuesday2nd and 4th10:00 AMN/A
WatsonvilleParkhurst Terrace100 Parkhurst Cir.Wednesday1st and 3rd12:00 PM (45 min)N/A
Santa CruzSan Lorenzo134 Dakota Ave.Friday1st and 3rd10:00 AMN/A
AptosSea Cliff Highlands151 Canterbury Dr.Tuesday1st and 3rd5:00 PMN/A

Food For Children

Grab a bag and go
Fruits, vegetables and dry foods

All days and times are subject to change, especially during the holiday season. Please call our Community Food Hotline, 831-662-0991, between 8am – 4pm Monday to Friday to verify dates and times.

Food For Children Schedule - Updated 12.2.18
CitySite NameSite AddressDay of DistributionWeek of the MonthTime of Distribution
WatsonvilleAlianza School115 Casserly Rd.Wednesday3rd2:45 PM
WatsonvilleAmesti School25 Amesti Rd.Friday4th4:30 PM
WatsonvilleAnn Soldo1140 Menasco Dr.Tuesday2nd2:30 PM
WatsonvilleBuena Vista / Tierra Alta131 Tierra Alta Dr.Wednesday1st5:00 PM
WatsonvilleCalabasas Elementary202 Calabasas Rd.Tuesday3rd4:30 PM (90 min)
Santa CruzElizabeth Oaks1460 Jose Ave.Wednesday2nd10:30 AM
Scotts ValleyEmerald Hill101 Civic Center Dr.Wednesday1st1:45 PM (30 min)
WatsonvilleEvergreen Apts.50 Hollow View Ln.Thursday1st3:00 PM
Santa CruzFamilia Center/ Nueva Vista711 East Cliff Dr.Wednesday4th3:00 PM
FreedomFreedom Elementary25 Holly Dr.Friday3rd4:30 PM
Santa CruzGault School1320 Seabright Ave.Tuesday4th2:15 PM
WatsonvilleHoly Eucharist527 Corralitos Rd.Thursday1st4:00 PM
WatsonvilleIglesia Roca Firme118 First St.Thursday2nd2:00 PM (120 min)
WatsonvilleJardines Del Valle/Murphy's Camp76 Murphy's Crossing Rd.Tuesday2nd3:45 PM (30 min)
WatsonvilleLa Casita Headstart408 E Lake Ave.Friday3rd1:30 PM
Santa CruzLive Oak Family Resource Center1740 17th Ave.Friday2nd11:00 AM
WatsonvilleLoaves and Fishes150 2nd St.Thursday3rd3:15 PM (45 min)
WatsonvilleLutheran Community Church95 Alta Vista St.Wednesday2nd2:30 PM
WatsonvilleChurch of Nazarene710 Green Valley Rd.Wednesday1st3:30 PM
WatsonvilleNorthgate Apts.485 Holohan Rd.Tuesday4th5:00 PM
Santa CruzNueva Vista Apts.136 Leibrandt Ave.Tuesday1st2:30 PM
Santa CruzNuevo Sol111 Barson St.Tuesday3rd1:00 PM
FreedomPaloma Del Mar2030 Pajaro Ln.Wednesday4th10:30 AM
WatonvilleRadcliff School550 Rodriguez St.Friday4th2:30 PM (90 min)
WatsonvilleRolling Hills Headstart102 Holm Rd.Tuesday1st12:00 PM
WatsonvilleSalud Para La Gente204 E. Beach St.Friday4th9:30 AM (60 min)
WatsonvilleSeventh Day Adventist700 S Green Valley Rd.Thursday3rd1:45 PM
WatsonvilleStarlight Elementary225 Hammer Dr.Thursday2nd4:30 PM
WatsonvilleStone Creek Apts.300 Bree Ln.Tuesday3rd3:00 PM
Santa CruzSycamore Commons125 Sycamore St.Thursday4th2:00 PM
WatsonvilleTerry Jimenez Headstart201 Brewington Ave.Tuesday2nd11:00 AM
WatsonvilleTierra Linda Apts.490 Beck St.Friday1st4:30 PM
WatsonvilleUnited Methodist Church200 Montecito Ave.Thursday1st4:30 PM
Ben LomondValley Church United9400 Hwy 9Tuesday1st10:00 AM
WatsonvilleVeterans of Foreign Wars1960 Freedom Blvd.Friday1st3:00 PM
WatsonvilleVillas la Posada34 Ortega Dr.Wednesday3rd4:15 PM