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Volunteer Spotlight – Robby Olson

When COVID19 shut down the economy and created a huge need for food Robby Olson stepped up to help.  Concerned with the overwhelming need, he contacted Second Harvest to see where volunteers were needed.  He showed up at the mass community distributions a year ago and has volunteered at every single one since.  As a local pastor, Robby’s desire to help others in need runs deep and over the past year he has become a volunteer leader at these large distributions.

“His compassion, understanding, and great sense of humor uplifts all those around him.  Robby has been vital in encouraging other volunteers and staff and is a perfect example of a real life Hunger Hero.” Jael Salinas, Volunteer Program Manager, Second Harvest Food Bank

After a year and over 160 hours of volunteer service, he still shows up with an enthusiastic smile and positive attitude.  Thank you Robby!

For more information on volunteering either in person or remote, contact Jael Salinas or visit[