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No. It’s Not Costco. It’s Second Harvest.

State of California grant provides funds for new 760 square foot cooler.

Thanks to a grant from the State of California, Second Harvest was able to install a new cooler in our Agency and Distribution area.  This cooler is keeping our produce fresh for our agency shoppers to bring fresh vegetables and fruit back to our partners to provide to our clients around Santa Cruz County.

The State of California recognizes that every food bank in every county is a disaster first responder as well as the core of the state’s on-going safety net structure, and are therefore investing in key infrastructure projects to bolster food banks ability to respond to disasters and provide safety net foods for families. Partner Agencies can shop the new cooler for fresh produce for their food pantries, soup kitchens, and food distribution programs. One-time grants supported projects all over California to build the capacity of the emergency food delivery system, including collection, storage, distribution, and other systems required to adequately meet the growing number of food insecure families. The program is designed to ensure funds awarded support capacity improvements across the state, including in rural and remote areas that are traditionally under-served. Second Harvest Food Bank Santa Cruz County was funded through this opportunity to support our cooler in our Agency Distribution and Shopping area!

In a time of disaster, we now have the capacity to store more produce to make sure everyone receives fresh seasonal produce. This cooler is just what we needed to keep our summer berries fresh for longer, our fall apples and pears crisp, and our winter produce fresh during those long holiday breaks.