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Volunteer position brings positive outcome to one man’s life.

(this message was given anonymously to a Second Harvest staff member to share with you)

“After sitting down for months, watching the news, and feeling somewhat hopeless, I decided I needed help.  But what could help? A cashier at a local grocery store casually mentioned that volunteering really lifts her spirits. I guess she could tell I was a bit of a mess.  She said the local Second Harvest Food Bank was still accepting some volunteers, with covid precautions of course.  Food Bank? Well, ok.  I called Second Harvest and found out that while they were full on volutneers that week one of their Agency distribution sites needed help. They were very helpful connecting me to the right person and I signed up for a shift.

I really just wanted to stay home and hide, but now I was committed.

I showed up for my shift and from that moment on I never once felt sorry for myself.  In fact, I was so energized by all the smiling faces of the volunteers who had come together for the sole purpose of helping other human beings. I’m sure they were suffering too, maybe in different ways, but affected by the pandemic none the less.  Either way, I was so grateful that I was able to show up and experience that joy right along with them.  That was in July of 2020 and I haven’t stopped volunteering and doubt I ever will. It’s just too fullfilling and I highly encourage it, especially if you are feeling like I did.  It will change your life.”

If you or someone you know is interested in volunteering with us please contact [email protected] or call 831-662-0991 or sign up online.