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The Clouds Can’t Hide The Light – Donation Turns Into Unexpected Discovery

The current COVID19 crisis is a bit like a storm that has rolled in and stalled right over our heads.  But as with all storms, this one too shall pass.  But, even in the middle of the gray, streams of sunlight break through periodically to remind us to keep hope.  This story is about one of those rays of sunlight.

*names have been changed for this story to keep the donors anonymous

Recently, a woman left a voicemail message with one of our staff regarding making a donation.  The message was a little hard to understand and only her last name was clear as it was quite unique, Vanandun. Her phone call was returned and a message was left on her voicemail. After researching our database we found a record for Mary Vanandun with a different phone number than the one she gave us. So, we called it.   Mary answered the phone and explained that while she is a current donor to the food bank she is not the one who left the voicemail. She was curious that someone else with such a unique name, Vanandun, lived so close and she did not know them.

Shortly after we talked to Mary, the original caller, whose name was Sally Vanandun, called in again and made a $1,000 donation.  We told her about our conversation with Mary Vanandun and how we called her by mistake.  Sally Vanandun had never heard of Mary Vanandun but was also curious and asked us to give Mary her phone number. So we did.

Thanks to this mistaken phone call, the two women found out they are RELATED!

Sally said “Tell your donors you NEVER know the blessings you might reap from donating to Second Harvest”.  Thanks Sally!

A little side note: Sally Vanandun, who was retired when her husband passed away, now works at a nearby school donating 100 percent of her salary to local non-profits.

Those of us at Second Harvest are so grateful for people like Mary and Sally, and the rest of our great community.  All are beautiful rays of light shining through the clouds of our current circumstances.