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Partner Agency and Media Brand Toolkit

Guidelines on Usage

Brand assets, including logos, colors, and messaging, should be shared with partner agencies and media to ensure a cohesive and unified representation of The Food Bank’s mission. Partner agencies and media should be encouraged to incorporate these assets into their promotional materials and outreach efforts to amplify the collective impact of the organization as appropriate.

Branded Colors

Sienna Sun

Hex: #e8834a
PMS: 7576 C
CMYK: 0-63-85-0
RGB: 232-131-74

La Palma

Hex: #009861
PMS: 340 C
CMYK: 84-15-80-2
RGB: 0-152-97

Matisse Blue

Hex: #2469a5
PMS: 2151 C
CMYK: 87-51-3-3
RGB: 36-105-165


Hex: #f1b551
PMS: 142 C
CMYK: 0-32-87-1
RGB: 241-181-81


Logos should be used consistently across all platforms to maintain brand identity and recognition. Ensure that logos are displayed clearly and appropriately scaled to maintain legibility and impact. If you have any questions regarding use of logos, please contact [email protected].

Logo clear space: There must be at least a .5 inch clear space surrounding the logo.

Improper usage: Do not remove the registration mark; it is part of the logo and must stay at the base of the T after “Harvest.”.

  • Do not stretch, skew, or distort the logo.
  • Do not overlap with other elements.
  • Do not alter the approved colors.
  • Do not cover or overlap the logo.

Embroidery: Minimum width for logo when embroidered is 2.5”

Single Color: Use either 100% Black logo or Matisse Blue logo.

White Logo: Use only with a solid background color.

Logo on Image Background: If the background is an image, use the color logo with a white outline.

Color with Transparent Background
Illustrator format

Color with Transparent Background
PNG format

Color with White Background
JPG format

Grey with Transparent Background
PNG format

Black with Transparent Background
PNG format

Matisse Blue with Transparent Background
PNG format

White with Transparent Background
PNG format

Color Logo White Outline
for use on Colorful Backgrounds
PNG format


Use pictures of food focusing on fresh fruits and vegetables, grains, bread, dairy, eggs, and beans.

Pictures of people should be reflective of those we serve: children, seniors, the disabled, working food-insecure families and unhoused residents. Be sure to show happy, healthy people and a variety of ethnicities, ages, and genders.


Consent & Release For Use Of Photo, Video Or Voice
PDF format