September Volunteer Spotlight--Santiago Tehandon Agency Spotlight--Operation LOV September is Hunger Action Month! Keeping Food Chill, All the Way From Watsonville

September Volunteer Spotlight--Santiago Tehandon

Dedication is a valuable trait and can lead to great things—like supporting a community. Our September Volunteer Spotlight honoree Santiago Tehandon has impressed us all with his dedication to helping feed the hungry among us in Santa Cruz County.

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Agency Spotlight--Operation LOV

Many big ideas start with a simple question. Operation LOV, which stands for Love Our Vets, began with open hearts and the question, “Who could use some encouragement?”

Twin Lakes Church in Aptos asked this in 2010, and the answer—soldiers who liv…

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September is Hunger Action Month!

During Hunger Action Month all September long, we’re working with Feeding America, our umbrella organization, to raise awareness of how common hunger is in our communities and to share ways that everyone can do something to help end hunger.

In San…

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Keeping Food Chill, All the Way From Watsonville

Everyone has something to give. Sometimes it’s money, sometimes it’s time, and sometimes it’s … temperature control expertise?

Feeding 55,000 people each month takes more than food. A complex operation with many parts gets the food in the door, …

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