Keeping Food Chill, All the Way From Watsonville Wanted: Two AmeriCorps Volunteers The Eggs That Help Crack Hunger August Volunteer Spotlight--David JohnsonWilliams

Keeping Food Chill, All the Way From Watsonville

Everyone has something to give. Sometimes it’s money, sometimes it’s time, and sometimes it’s … temperature control expertise?

Feeding 55,000 people each month takes more than food. A complex operation with many parts gets the food in the door, …

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Wanted: Two AmeriCorps Volunteers

We have an exciting opportunity for people who want to give back to their community!

We are currently seeking two AmeriCorps volunteers for a year-long commitment to help us with our Food For Children and Passion For Produce programs. We are looki…

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The Eggs That Help Crack Hunger

The humble egg—small, self-packaged, and the start of so many omelets, pancakes, and decadent desserts. But thanks to three generations of Aptos egg ranchers, it’s also the source of some of the fruits and vegetables, rice and beans, and chicken and …

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August Volunteer Spotlight--David JohnsonWilliams

Volunteering “changes your heart in the right way,” says David JohnsonWilliams, AmeriCorps volunteer and Second Harvest Spotlight Volunteer of the month.

Each year, Second Harvest Food Bank recruits three Notre Dame AmeriCorps members. This year, …

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