School Food & Fund Drives

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Pajaro Valley High School was a triple threat last year as they volunteered, collected food AND raised funds to the tune of 14,248 pounds

Where do I start?

1.  Attend the Annual Holiday Food & Fund Drive Kickoff Luncheon

2. Register your food/fund drive online – Request food and fundraising supplies and request a representative to contact you regarding presentations, training, and tours.

3. Set up your online fundraising page – and promote it through social media.

Set a goal and get creative

Create friendly competitions between grade levels, classrooms/students vs. staff. Pick a theme like “Peanut Butter & Jelly/Rice & Bean Challenge” (ie K-2nd grade peanut butter, 3rd – 5th Jelly) “Trick or Treat for Cans” pass out bags a few days before Halloween with a note attached notifying your neighbors that you will be back on Halloween to collect food. (ask us about materials). Donate the cover charge to a dance or sports event.

Bring your school to Second Harvest

Kids will be more personally invested by seeing behind the scenes. Tours are easy to set up and last about 30 to 45 minutes.  You will be amazed!  Volunteer group activities can take 1 to 4 hours.  You decide.  Guaranteed your group will leave with a new view of “Fighting Hunger Together.”

Contact Bly Morales, Senior Manager Food Drives & Events
831-498-4119 /

Check out the Toolkit

Flyers, social media graphics, videos and more




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