Agency Distributions

Second Harvest Food Bank is a non-profit membership-based co-operative comprised of 200 community relief agencies and programs. We provide more than 7 million pounds of food per year to local social service organizations, and they pay, on average, four cents per pound for the food they acquire. By using Second Harvest to reduce food costs, these agencies are better able to devote more resources to their primary missions, such as daycare for homeless children, domestic abuse recovery and support for the elderly.

Agency Delivery

Our Agency Delivery Program saves time and money for the member agencies of Second Harvest Food Bank. Member agencies can now order the type and quantity of food needed at their sites. Second Harvest delivers the food, much of it perishable fruits and vegetables, in a refrigerated truck. This allows Second Harvest to increase the amount of fresh produce distributed, and help reduce the amount of perishable food that spoils at our warehouse.

To get more information about how your agency can obtain food from Second Harvest, click here.

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