How to Run a Food Drive

How to Run a Food Drive

Hosting a food drive is easy! Pick the dates and location of your food drive. We will guide you by dropping off and picking up barrels, and we will supply you with bags and donation envelopes to distribute. Follow these easy steps for a successful food drive:

  • Download our do-it-yourself Holiday Food Drive Kit
  • Decide on the dates, locations, and supplies needed for your drive.
  • Sign up with Second Harvest for barrel delivery and pick-up by filling out the Participation Form (Last 2 pages in the Food Drive Kit).
  • Promote your drive to the prospective participants (employees, customers, members, etc.).
  • Start collecting food and money!
  • At the end of your drive, Second Harvest will pick up and weigh your donations. NOTE: If your barrels become full during your drive, contact Bly Morales or (831) 722-7110 ext. 226 and we will pick them up and replace them with empty barrels.

Most Needed Food
Peanut Butter
Canned Fruits and Vegetables
Canned Meat
Meals in a can
Fruit Juice
Canned Foods with pop-top lids

There are a number of community efforts to raise food for Second Harvest’s clients throughout the year.

  • Organize a garage sale or lemonade stand to collect food or funds to support a Food Drive.
  • Collect food from neighbors or at your neighborhood party for donation to Second Harvest.
  • Contact Bly Morales at (831) 722-7110 ext 226 for more ideas or assistance with your food collection.
  • If you would like us to list your community food drive on the website or through our social media, please contact Bly Morales.

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