Volunteer Requirements

Requirements and Forms

Volunteers are extremely important to Second Harvest and we are very grateful for your time and concern in helping the hungry people in our communities. There are a few simple rules we ask volunteers to follow in order to ensure safety while volunteering.

Volunteer Form

Please read and sign the  volunteer agreement and volunteer registration form. Minors must have this form signed by a parent or legal guardian.

Sign Up

Contact Rosario Valerio to sign up at (831) 722-7110, ext. 205.

Age Limits

Age 14 and older: The minimum age to work inside the warehouse is 14 years old. Please remember that Second Harvest is a warehouse and there is always warehouse equipment in operation. We are concerned about safety for everyone!

Age 8 and older: Kids 11 years old and up are allowed to volunteer at our Garden. Kids 8 and up can come to Saturday Food Sorts, special events, and food drives. Kids must be accompanied by their parents or guardian who is over the age of 21.

Ages 8 – 17: Volunteers under 17 years old doing school service must have a permission slip signed by a parent or guardian prior to volunteering.

Attire for Volunteering in the Warehouse
The dress code at Second Harvest is casual and comfortable. Dress warmly in the winter–layers are suggested. Dress lightly in the summer. For safety reasons, long pants and closed-toe shoes are required. Long earrings and necklaces are a safety concern. For sanitary reasons, tank tops are not permitted. Please leave purses, jewelry and other valuables at home or locked in your car trunk. Second Harvest is not responsible for any personal belongings.

Warehouse Rules
NO EATING, DRINKING, RUNNING or SMOKING in the warehouse area. Food and grocery items in the warehouse are intended for needy people and member charities only. Volunteers are not allowed to remove any products from the premises. This also applies to products which are deemed unfit and are designated for disposal. All volunteers should remain in the assigned work area. Please report to your group leader or Second Harvest staff if you need to leave the area. Please remember that clean-up is part of our work; your assistance and cooperation are appreciated.

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