Hunger 101

Hunger 101- The Basics of Hunger

What is Hunger?

Everyone feels a rumble in their stomach at some point.
True hunger, however, is different:

  • Hunger: Uneasy or painful sensations as result of insufficient or irregular food intake caused by lack of food; the physical and mental condition that results from not eating enough food due to insufficient resources.
  • Malnutrition: Insufficiency of one or more nutritional elements necessary for health and well-being because of an insufficient or poorly balanced diet or faulty digestion or utilization of foods; can result from poor eating habits even when food is plentiful – includes under nutrition, in which nutrients are undersupplied, and over nutrition, in which nutrients are oversupplied.
  • Food insecurity: Lack of access to enough nutritionally adequate, safe, and culturally-appropriate food for an active, healthy life through socially acceptable, non-emergency sources; worry about where your next meal will come from.

Food Banks help make the difference in U.S. Hunger

  • In some developing nations where famine is widespread, hunger manifests itself as a severe and very visible clinical malnutrition. In the United States hunger manifests itself, generally, in a less severe form. This is in part because established programs – like the federal nutrition programs and food banks – help to provide a safety net for many low-income families.

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