Passion For Produce program teaches Church of the Nazarene about dealing with picky eaters

This week’s Passion For Produce class at the Church of the Nazarene went into full detail about how to deal with the picky eaters in your family. As most children go through this phase naturally, it’s nice to have some pointers as to how to deal with this and maybe how to help them grow out of it. One main pointer: don’t serve them junk food. By doing this, your child will become more and more used to eating unhealthy foods, and when it comes time that you want to serve them a healthy dish, you will mostly likely struggle to get them to eat it. If you do run into this, be creative and have fun with your child. Cut fruits, vegetables, and other healthy foods into fun shapes or play fun counting games with different snacks. Another pointer: be a good role model. If your child sees you displaying picky eating habits or eating junk food, they will learn from it and follow your actions. A parent is a child’s biggest role model, so do your part and teach them healthy, nutritious eating habits. Have fun and be creative with it!

Serve Nutritious Food

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