USDA Distribution Serves 1746

Second Harvest served 1746 households during the Watsonville USDA distribution on November 14, 2011. Each household received a bag of fresh fruit and vegetables in addition to a USDA bag containing beans, rice, macaroni, peaches, corn and applesauce. According to Grace Galvan, Operations Director for Second Harvest, there were 300 more families this month. “The need will continue to grow during the winter months,” she explains. “February is typically our busiest month.”

Volunteers pack bags for USDA distribution

We are also in the process of distributing 11,000 4.5 pound whole roasting chickens for holiday meals. Grace says that the agencies have not had any donations of turkeys this year, so we are really glad to have so many chickens available. We are able to allocate up to 300 chickens to each pantry for $1.51 each.

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