UCSC Doubles 2012 HFD Goal

The Campus Food Drive Committee at UC Santa Cruz set an ambitious goal for the 2012 Holiday Food Drive. A clever combination of increased awareness and collaboration campus-wide helped them more than double that goal, raising 130,076 meals overall. That’s almost three times what the university raised last year!


John Steele, UCSC and Steve Bennett, Second Harvest

John Steele has headed up the Campus Food Drive Committee for two years. He believes in the cause and wants to see more people get involved. “We’re trying to make it a part of the culture,” he says. “Awareness is the way to make it work.” Barrels were placed around the campus with collection envelopes attached to them. A banner was placed at the campus entrance, and all university staff received donation envelopes in their mail boxes.

Several different groups contributed to the success of the food drive. The Baskin School of Engineering (BSoE) and Campus Interfaith Council sponsored their own activities and their efforts are reflected in the grand total, as are the efforts of Will Brotherson, who was instrumental in getting students to sign up with dining services to donate a portion of the value of their unused meals.

“I tell people that it’s a really rewarding experience, that they should make it creative and fun,” adds John. He’s right, the Holiday Food Drive not only helps people in need, it brings communities together and provides an opportunity to get involved and meet new people.

Congratulations to all the teams that worked together and thank you to everyone at UCSC that made a contribution. You are making a difference.

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