Twin Lakes Reaches Million Meal Goal

Twin Lakes Church of Aptos announced this weekend that their month-long food drive raised the cash equivalent of approximately one quarter million dollars, all of which the church donated to Second Harvest to feed hungry people in Santa Cruz County. The food bank can provide four healthy meals for every dollar, so this translates into one million meals.

Pastor Rene with Board Break-a-Thon participant at the Holiday Food Drive Kickoff

“So many people gave so creatively to this drive,” said Senior Pastor Rene Schlaepfer. One 7-year old boy sold handmade crafts door-to-door, and other kids sold Christmas cards they’d made. One couple in the church gave up coffee for a month and donated their savings; antique furniture was sold on craigslist; another family gave Apple stock; and a Tae Kwan Do class performed a “Board Break-a-thon” for food drive sponsorships.

Why did the church give so much to the food bank? “We want to be the hands helping the community,” explained Pastor Schlaepfer. He calls this astonishing gift “the feeding of the one million” in reference to the miraculous “feeding of the 5,000” in the Bible.

Willy Elliott-McCrea, CEO of Second Harvest said, “The congregation of Twin Lakes Church exemplifies the spirit of giving through their willingness to sacrifice so that everyone can have nourishing food to eat. To see people of all ages working together to help so many is gratifying.”

Every year, Twin Lakes Church goes the extra mile to help their neighbors in need. Once again, we find ourselves in deep appreciation of their compassion and commitment to reaching a goal. One million healthy meals! Thank you.


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