Transforming Food Aid for the Poor: Food Banks Confront the New Malnutrition


Fresh produce ready for distribution

The following articles were written by Maria Guara and published by SantaCruzWire, a collective of independent journalists based in Santa Cruz.

(Part One) Santa Cruz Food Bank Switches Focus from Calories to Nutrition

(Part Two) Peer Education and Nutrition Outreach at Santa Cruz’s Second Harvest Food Bank

(Part Three) Evaluating Nutrition Education Efforts at Santa Cruz’s Second Harvest Food Bank

(Part Four) Santa Cruz Farmers Keep Food Banks Afloat With Tons of Fresh Produce

(Part Five) Gleaning the Fields: Volunteers Gather Fresh Food for the Poor

Maria did an excellent job of capturing not just what Second Harvest does but also how area farmers are contributing tons of healthy food to the poor in the community. Please take a few minutes to read and share this thoughtful and well-written series with your friends and family.

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