Running for Fun

The following blog was submitted by Jake Harder, AmeriCorps Member at Second Harvest.

During the past six weeks, I was given the opportunity to lead a running class with my fellow Americorps member, Kelly Scheuer, at Calabasas elementary school. The class consisted of twenty second grade students with lots and lots of energy.  The six week class focused on teaching the importance of running, or physical activity in general, in conjunction with a healthy diet. At the end of the six weeks, the students were all given a certificate for successfully completing the six classes.


We wanted the kids to understand the health benefits of physical activity while also enjoying being active. In order to accomplish this, we began each class with a small, five minute lecture pertaining to the benefits of physical activity; for example, it can give you more energy via endorphins. After the talk, we would run two to three laps around the field, stretch, and then end with a fun playground game that involved running. I think the favorite game of the kids that we played was toilet tag, even if it was only because of the name.

All in all, I was grateful to have the opportunity to work with these kids and to teach them that physical activity, along with a healthy diet, isn’t only important for our health, but can be fun as well!

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