Radcliff Elementary High Fives Second Harvest

The kids at Radcliff Elementary School in Watsonville delivered a giant thank you card to Second Harvest to show their appreciation for the work we do. We spread it out on the conference room table and staff came in throughout the day to admire the kids’ handiwork. Now we’re looking for a nice big space in our warehouse to hang it up.

Radcliff Elementary Art Project

School staff members, Vicki Hallof and Gina Bartolomei worked with the kids on the project. “I wanted to do something for the holiday season that would help our students understand that it is better to give than to receive,” Hallof explained. “They came up with the idea of giving the food bank high fives for reaching out to help families at their school.”

In addition to hands giving high fives; the drawings, with their fruits, vegetables, people and trucks, show that the kids really understand the mission of Second Harvest. They did a great job and it certainly did a lot to brighten our week.

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