Plantronics Drives In 116,160 Meals

Plantronics employees raised $29,040 for Second Harvest on Wednesday through their participation in The Intelligence Project sponsored by Lincoln, which offered a $40 donation for every employee willing to test drive a new Lincoln.

The car company set up in the parking lot off Encinal Street behind Plantronics’ Santa Cruz headquarters. By the end of the day 242 employees made their way out to take a test drive.

Bly Morales and Lisa Allyn, Second Harvest Food Drives and Events Team

Plantronics and an anonymous donor within the company each pledged a $40 match, which turned Lincoln’s $40 match into $120 for each test drive. Since Second Harvest can provide four meals for every dollar raised, this donation will ultimately provide 116,160 meals to people in need throughout Santa Cruz County.

Thanks to all the employees who participated in the test drive and to Plantronics and the anonymous donor for the generous matches. They made the most out of a great opportunity to help our community and we think that’s really smart!

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