Passion For Produce Expands

Casa del Alfarero in Watsonville became the 29th Passion For Produce site with the certification of fifteen Nutrition Ambassadors in December. These volunteers will now be able to manage produce distributions, teach their neighbors about healthful habits, and advocate a healthy lifestyle in their community. They join the more than 250 Nutrition Ambassadors who have been trained since 2009 and continue to volunteer through the program.

Nutrition Ambassador, Susan Jara, made a delicious vegetarian ceviche with cauliflower for the celebration, demonstrating how traditional recipes can be made more healthful with ingredient substitutions.

Betty Solis talked about how she had become discouraged when she tried to lose weight by going to a nutritionist. She said that Passion For Produce makes it easy to identify and adopt small changes that lead to success. The other Ambassadors concurred with Betty, commenting on how helpful it was to learn to read labels, reduce portions, and eliminate soda.

During the celebration, Angelica Gallegos, the mother-in-law of Nutrition Ambassador, Juana Gallegos, said that after each class Juana came home and taught her the lessons she learned that day—and she has lost 17 pounds as a result!

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Juana Gallegos with Brooke Sampson, Chief Operations & Programs Officer, Second Harvest

 “Our Nutrition Ambassadors are really getting the word out,” says Teresa Moran, Director of Community Programs for Second Harvest. “They are not just learning, they are teaching other people.”

Congratulations to these Nutrition Ambassadors and the positive steps they are taking to keep their families and community healthy.

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