Paper Plates Send Strong Message

At a time when government is threatening to cut billions of dollars from food programs—even as poverty levels are increasing and food banks are serving more people than ever—the paper plate project creates awareness of the ongoing need.

Part of Hunger Action Month in September, Second Harvest and its member agencies used paper plates to prepare a meaningful message for our representatives. More than 1500 clients wrote their responses to a simple question, “What does this food mean to you?”

Pajaro Valley Loaves & Fishes client

Those who are suffering most have no legitimate way to effectively tell their stories to people in power. The paper plate project gets those stories to the people who can prevent cuts to programs such as CalFresh, which serve as the front line of defense for local charities.

St. Francis Soup Kitchen client

Along with our 200 member agencies and programs, Second Harvest is serving 55,000 people in Santa Cruz County; half are children. Our ability to help folks who fall between the cracks of federal food programs will be overwhelmed unless we all work together to ensure a strong program at the local, state and federal level. Cuts to SNAP would be devastating to our community, and there is no way that organizations like Second Harvest, which serve as a safety net, would be able to make up the difference.

“If I don’t have food I am going to be sad, and I’m not going to understand why I am hungry.” Alejandra, one of the 9,000 kids served by our Food For Children program

To the 1,500 food bank clients who shared their messages of hope in the face of struggle, resilience in the face of hardship, WE SALUTE YOU!

California Grey Bears clients

Jeremiah, a meal program client and CalFresh beneficiary

CS, a Valley Churches United client


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