Nutrition Programs Help Make Ends Meet

We’ve all felt the stress of trying to get a healthy dinner on the table after a long day. For working poor families in our community, many of whom lack transportation and live miles from any kind of market, it’s often easier said than done. When a trip to the market is unfeasible for financial or practical reasons, a bag of potatoes and onions along with rice and beans from Second Harvest means there will be something to fill hungry stomachs.

Juan Diego and his family live in Jardines del Valle and they wanted to let everyone know how much the food they receive from Second Harvest helps them. Although his father works, it is difficult to make ends meet after paying rent and other monthly expenses.

Juan Diego, 11 years old

Juan Diego, 11 years old

The family is grateful for the staple foods and fresh produce they pick up twice monthly at food distributions. “We don’t have to worry if we are going to have enough to eat,” says Julia, his mom. “It takes a lot of the stress away. We work but it is a big help to get the food. We use everything.”

Julia makes soups and stews with the vegetables and freezes berries for smoothies. Diego says he’s learned a lot about eating healthier during the nutrition classes.

Diego’s dad, Juan, is proud to show off certificates he has received over the years for volunteering at Second Harvest. The family is happy to give back for all the support they’ve received. Every year, they make 300 tamales for Christmas Project volunteers to show their appreciation.

Diego’s mom says, “I can’t thank you enough. This program has been a big help for us.”





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