November Volunteers of the Month


Mary and Keith Petersen have lived in Santa Cruz County for the past 17 years. They both work for Plantronics; Keith has been in quality control for 13 years, and Mary has worked in Sales for 15 years. When asked how they both got involved with Second Harvest, they replied, “We became involved with Second Harvest soon after joining Plantronics, joining their sort days and working on their many holiday food drive activities. Over the years we increased our participation to include Saturday sorts year round, the Letter Carrier Food Drive, the Downtown Santa Cruz parade and other activities. Volunteering is extremely important to us and our faith, and thorough Second Harvest and other organizations that are dedicated to eliminating hunger such as Feeding the Spirit and St. Francis Soup Kitchen, we have found these opportunities to be fulfilling and rewarding.”

Mary and Keith are also proud to have involved their two sons, now adults, in many volunteer activities over the years. Their youngest son, Jack, received the City of Watsonville Cesar Chavez Youth Volunteer of the Year Award in 2011, primarily for his efforts with Second Harvest. Also in 2011, Mary and Keith were both honored at the Be the Difference Awards held by the Volunteer Center and at Second Harvest’s annual Volunteer Appreciation Banquet.

Kelli Greene, another Plantronics employee, says, “Mary and Keith have unending devotion to our community. Their energy and dedication in recruiting volunteers to help with a variety of fundraising and volunteer activities is unbelievable. Without the work of both Mary and Keith, our program would not be as successful.”

I’ve had the honor and privilege of knowing the Petersen family for the past 6 years. They are go-getters and share such a wonderful can-do attitude. They lead work crews during the Saturday sorts, helping to train and supervise other volunteers, and that is a big help!

Many thanks to the Petersen family for giving their love, time and talents to end hunger and malnutrition in our community.

Danny Robles, Volunteer Services Manager

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