Neighbors Meet Food Drive Challenge

Second Harvest Board Member, Tim Carl, and his wife Joan, had a great idea to raise funds for the 2012 Holiday Food Drive in their neighborhood. Taking the time to inform people about what they were trying to do, and why, while making it fun for all to participate turned out to be a a winning formula. They raised 10,000 meals!

Here’s the story in Tim’s words.

Our neighborhood Home Owner’s Association is called Sumner Woods.  We have 43 homes in the association. Last year, we had a food drive called “Fill the Bus”, and we filled our entire VW bus with food. This year our theme was “Wine-ing For Food”.  We sent out fliers and emails to all the homeowners that we would be conducting a Wine Tasting on Saturday November 17th from 4 to 6 pm.
Mike and Judy Coleman and Joan and I put together a wagon with glasses, eight different wines, lemonade and water.  We also had crackers to help cleanse the pallet.  We stopped at every neighbors’ door and asked if they would like a taste of wine and, by the way, would they like to make a donation to SHFB.  We found 21 homeowners at home and all donated, including one person who gave us canned food.  We collected $ 2,500 total for the drive. Some neighbors sent in checks by mail to us.
The drive was a rousing success.  Mike, Judy, Joan and I had the most fun of all.  We got to know our neighbors a little better and we got to taste some good wines.  One neighbor even invited a neighbor who lived across the street from us. He and his wife came over, had some wine and made a donation.
What a great idea for any neighborhood! Whether it’s wine, hot chocolate and cookies, or caroling, it sounds like a great way to connect with neighbors while feeding hungry people.
Thanks to everyone in Sumner Woods for making a difference!
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