My Second Harvest Experience

Hi, my name is Andrea, I came to know about Second Harvest because I needed to log community service hours.  I made my choice based on the fact that I would be helping people who really needed it but had the attitude that I would get my hours done and that would be that.


During my time at Second Harvest I changed.  I discovered so many things.  I learned on my very first day how great it felt to work hard for such a good reason, to help those who need food.  I felt so good at the end of the day.  I was so tired but I felt so good.  That feeling has stayed with me throughout my hours.

I learned that there are people like me that I never would have met any other way.  It was great to work with a team of people whose sole purpose was to help out.  There was none of the usual bickering that occurs at a lot of similar jobs.  We didn’t even need to speak the same language, we all knew we were on the same side.

I also learned that there are people that appreciate hard work and those are the people that inspire me to do more good.

Thank you for the chance to rediscover parts of myself that life buried a bit. I feel so much better and I’m sure that even more positive things will come out of an experience that came about by human error.  Things happen for a reason though and I believe that more now than ever.


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