Hunger Action Month Kicks Off with Good News on CalFresh Bills!

Today is the first day of Hunger Action Month and are excited to inform you that AB 6 and AB 69 of the CalFresh Act of 2011 State Legislative Agenda passed off the Senate floor yesterday. The bills will now head to the Assembly for concurrence on the amendments taken in the Senate and with luck will be off to the Governor for signature.

State Legislative Agency AB 6 would reduce costly and burdensome quarterly reporting requirements that are a barrier to access. California is the last state using a quarterly reporting system for CalFresh. Moving from quarterly to semi-annual reporting would improve access for needy California families while reducing administrative costs.

It would also eliminate the fingerprint imaging requirement, a system that costs an estimated $17 million per year to operate, yet hasn’t been shown to improve system integrity.

State Legislative Agency AB 69 would streamline the process for enrolling Social Security recipients in California into CalFresh. The application process is challenging for many seniors and as a result, only 10% of eligible seniors participate in CalFresh.

If made into law, each of these bills will bring Federal money to low-income Californians, stimulating local economies. More importantly, each will bring nutritious food to the tables of those in need.

We will continue to keep you updated on the progress of these important bills.

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