Help Pajaro Community Orchard Grow

The Pajaro Community Orchard is Mesa Verde Gardens’ newest project in south Santa Cruz County. The half-acre orchard will be a peaceful green space of beauty and enjoyment planted, tended and shared by Mesa Verde Gardens community garden members as part of their monthly work commitment.

Mesa Verde Gardens has set up a kickstarter campaign with a goal to raise at least $8,700 by December 20, 2012 to fund creation of the orchard. They are 2/3 of the way there with just over a week to go.

You can help make this project a reality.

Donations are now being accepted. Visit the kickstarter site and write Pajaro Community Orchard in the Search Projects window near the top of the page when making your contribution.

The more people who know about the orchard, the better the chances are that the money will be raised so please share this message with others interested in a sustainable food system, social justice, and healthy families. Thanks!

More About the Project

Before it was the center of strawberry production in the U.S, the Pajaro Valley was known for decades as one of the most productive apple growing regions in the country!  The Pajaro Community Orchard honors and continues that tradition. Mesa Verde Gardens is launching the orchard with the intention of stewardship for many years to come but also plans to develop ongoing partnerships to insure health and sustainability throughout the long life of the orchard.

A Brief History of Mesa Verde Gardens

Mesa Verde Gardens is a small nonprofit serving the Pajaro Valley region in south Santa Cruz County.  Begun just three years ago, they have been busy fulfilling their mission to empower low-income residents of Santa Cruz County to meet the immediate and basic need for food security by increasing their access to pesticide-free fresh fruits and vegetables through the creation of small organic gardens.

As a start-up nonprofit, Mesa Verde Gardens is under the 501 (c)(3) tax exempt status of Second Harvest Food Bank Santa Cruz County.

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