CCOF Employees Raise 16,000 Meals

The team at CCOF, a full-service organic certification agency and trade association, participates in the Holiday Food Drive every year by ordering a couple of barrels to collect food donations.

They decided to do something different this year however, after being inspired by a visit from Second Harvest CEO, Willy Elliott-McCrea, guest speaker at the organization’s brown bag lunch. Willy talked about our Nutrition Ambassador program, explaining that along with distributing fresh fruits and vegetables, Second Harvest teaches nutrition principles, cooking skills, and physical activities through a countywide network of peer educators.

Jody Biergiel Colclough, Director of Handler Certification and Business Operations at CCOF Certification Services, LLC says their organization wanted to do more to support Second Harvest after learning about the positive impact our nutrition programs are making in the community.

They decided to have a DIY raffle, which in addition to raising enough money to distribute 16,000 meals, turned out to be an incredible experience for all involved.


No one felt pressured to spend a lot of money on a purchased gift, and a lot of hidden talents were uncovered. Among the 40 employee submissions there were photographers and jam makers, and even a hoola-hoop maker. The raffle raised $2000, and two staff members offered matches of $1,000 each, bringing the grand total to $4,000. Since every $1 donated provides four healthy meals, that $4,000 will provide 16,000 meals to people in need in Santa Cruz County.

What a fun way to help the community and bring a team together!



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