CalFresh Challenge: Day Two

Yaceth Virgen
My daily routine to stay on budget has been an obstacle, starting with my morning cup of coffee. I had to abstain from my favorite daily ritual of making my cup of coffee in the morning while catching up on local news. I had to sacrifice the coffee because it is an item that not my entire household consumes. I’d rather consume something we all share or have one of my daughter’s favorite snacks available to her.
While doing the shopping for the CalFresh Challenge, I noticed how overpriced my favorite brand of coffee is and debated whether or not to buy a different brand of coffee but I hesitated. I thought to myself, what if I buy this cheaper brand of coffee and not end up liking it? That money spent could have gone to another item that my whole family can enjoy.
My husband, on the other hand, has been drinking more water, a common commodity.  This might be a good lesson for him because he would often take break trips to the store to buy soft drinks and juices. This can add up as an expense in a long work week for him.
We are really trying hard to stay focused and follow through with the challenge. They are lots of factors that come to play with people who really receive the CalFresh benefits. These common decisions are debated not only for many low-income individuals but for anyone who is food insecure.
For one of my meals I used only a few potatoes and substituted the rest with cauliflower to make a healthier potato salad. It also contained some kale, celery and olives, which my daughter loved.
Luisa Hudspeth

My day started a little bit different from normal because I had to cook the spaghetti for my lunch, which is something that I would never have done on a regular day, since I normally buy what I feel like eating. It is a blessing to have food but kind of disappointing when I don’t have many options for my meals.


Today I had again for breakfast two boiled eggs, half a banana and a cup of coffee. I reduced the portion of banana since the day before I had two and I am certain it made my stomach upset.



I had spaghetti, some beans, and a bottle of water.


I had a bowl of beans with a banana smoothie.

Sandra Varela

If my children would have taken the CalFresh Challenge with me, I really know that we would have not been able to finish. My older two are boys and they eat like no tomorrow. I would have given them probably more than a portion. My kids offer me food, but I tell them why I’m doing what I’m doing. I tell them that we are blessed because most of the time I ask them what they want to eat.

I enjoyed warm milk with a quesadilla in the morning  and throughout the day a gallon of water. This is my dinner for today.


Dinner is so hard to have to cook for my kids and not be able to have some. Today my mother brought four burritos, home made BY MY MOM! I said, mom so sorry but I can’t have any, but no worries, my kids will enjoy them.



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