CalFresh Challenge: Day Three

Yaceth Virgen

Having my SNAP Challenge experience shared with my household has been somewhat of a challenge. We haven’t gone back to the grocery store from our first day; we have been maintaining our meals on the $43.00 we spent. Since my daughter just turned one this past month, she is not consuming a lot of food compared to a teenager.

We plan our meals so that there are left-overs to share for the next meal or for us to take to work. For example, my husband is making a tomato sandwich for breakfast today, A meal we used a day before. We want to be completely done with our groceries or buy a certain item to complete a meal before I start using my remaining budget. Both my husband and I are a great support system for each other; it would’ve been more challenging if I would have done this SNAP Challenge without my family.


Meal 3: Lentil soup with all the vegetables purchased for the challenge and cubes of tofu, a meal we can all share.

Luisa Hudspeth

My day started once again preparing my lunch, although I had in mind what to make before I went to bed. This morning I awoke feeling like here I go again, knowing that my options were so limited. Going through this makes me feel frustrated and helps me to realize how challenging this budget really is.

I also noticed that my energy level is not the same. I have experienced in the last three days what it must feel like to be a person who suffers from food insecurity

. . . all the time.

It is a blessing to have food but kind of disappointing when I don’t have many options for my meals.


I had two boiled eggs and a cup of coffee.


I had two potato and bean burritos and I was happy to have some tomato in it.


I had a bowl of cereal and a quarter of a banana.


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