CalFresh Challenge: Day Six

Yaceth Virgen

My perspective changed about the decisions that low-income Americans facing hunger must make. After living on a limited food budget this week, making the right choices about food costs wasn’t the only issue affecting my family. When my husband and I discussed our daily feelings about this challenge, we tried to reflect on stories of people and families who we have met that experience food insecurity.

Just recently, I have a relative who has no means of income at the moment and is living on the CalFresh benefits. In order for her to go to the nearest grocery stores to provide for her family, she must take two buses to the city. In order to take the bus to the city, she needs money to pay for a day pass. My relative is limited on how much groceries she can carry on her trips. She didn’t have a cart to put her bags in while she was walking back home. In reality, she is limited not only on what can she afford and carry, but also if she can make it the grocery store at all. She is faced with many hard decisions at the moment, paying for her utilities and other household necessities, money for transportation, and the pressure that the household is under.

This is the reason why we took on this challenge, for awareness because hunger in America does in fact exist.

Meal 6: Sweet Kale Salad with Pear, Apple, and Grapefruit. On the side is potatoes with summer squash.



Luisa Hudspeth

This morning when I got up, I felt very exhausted with no will to cook any lunch. I did put in a container a portion of chicken and a boiled potato. I was telling myself repeatedly it would be over soon. I can say that I’m seeing the light at the end of the tunnel and this is giving me the strength to continue. Probably this can sound too dramatic for some folks but I respectfully invite anyone to do this challenge and experience this on their own. But I’m glad I am doing this challenge because as I expressed before, this is giving me a greater understanding of what families go through. Gratefully some resources provide hope to many families in our community. I went to a soup kitchen today .

Breakfast: I had my last two eggs and a cup of coffee. AGAIN.

Lunch: I had a plate with three pork patties with gravy, steamed broccoli and carrots and for desert chopped strawberries, a muffin and some water.

Dinner: I had a bowl of cereal. “AGAIN”



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