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Healthy Snack–Skillet Cabbage


Snacking can play a crucial part in our diet. It is food that keeps us focused and energized in between meals. However, eating the wrong snacks can have negative effects on us, so try our Skillet Cabbage for the perfect snack that you and your love ones can enjoy.

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Tuna Apple Salad


Want to lose weight and still have a full plate? What better way than a tuna apple salad! It’s pita bread stuffed with salad greens, tuna, veggies, and fruit. This meal will help your digestive system and may help you

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Avocado, Potato, and Grilled Chicken Salad

avocado salad

Fresh avocado with potatoes, chicken, and a lemon-yogurt dressing are a winning combination for this main-dish salad–and it only takes 45 minutes of your time to make. (But take as long as you like with your loved ones to enjoy

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Raspberry Lime Fizz


Summer is right around the corner, and sometimes you just want to refresh yourself with a tasty and refreshing drink that doesn’t take long to prepare–what better choice than a Raspberry Lime Fizz to satisfy your thirst? In this recipe

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