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Modest Efforts Could Trigger Major Help for the Hungry

Lupe Covarrubias, Monterey County Health Dept. Nutrition Programs

The community room went dark and all 100+ people in attendance listened as a series of phone calls to the Food Bank hotline filled the room–voices calling for help. Voices of hunger. It was a powerful reminder of the reason

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You Delivered for Stamp Out Hunger

School kids helping at the Watsonville Post Office

Last Saturday, the months of planning and coordinating performed by the National Association of Letter Carriers came to a head, and Stamp Out Hunger kicked into full gear. Letter carriers fanned out across the county–and across the country–delivering their regular

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May Spotlight Volunteer — John Kovarik

John Kovarik (6)

Needless to say, agricultural experience is not required to volunteer here at Second Harvest, but some of our volunteers have some surprisingly relevant backgrounds. One morning I went to the warehouse looking for John Kovarik, one of our volunteers, and

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Stamp Out Hunger is Coming to Your Mailbox


The nation’s letter carriers–the men and women who deliver for the U.S. Postal Service–personally visit every address in the country, six days a week, making them “all too familiar with the staggering numbers of people in need,” according to Fredric

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