Community Food & Fund Drive Kit

Please join us in fighting hunger and feeding hope.  Start planning your food/fundraiser today and make a difference in your community.  (For School Food/Fund Drives Click Here)

PARTICIPATION FORM – Register and request promotional materials online.

2.ONLINE FUNDRAISING PAGE – Set up your own online fundraising page for your personal Food or Fundraiser or simply make a general donation towards the food drive.  It’s fast and easy. Email Bryn Calderon if you need any help setting it up.
4.SPREAD THE WORD – Make a plan and challenge your friends, family, co-workers, and peers help you meet or even exceed your goals.
5.CELEBRATE – Share the impact of your drive to let participants know that every $1 helped! Each year in March, Second Harvest hosts an Annual Awards Dinner to recognize those groups and individuals who have made a difference in our community. It is a great opportunity to celebrate the efforts of everyone who donated their time and talents to make a difference.

Holiday Food Drive Video
Fundraising Ideas
Fundraising Flyer
Virtual Barrel Campaign
Powerpoint Slide Show
Holiday Food Drive Logo
“Let’s Go Fight Hunger!” Video
Calendar of Events

Does hosting a drive really make a difference?
Yes! Your fundraising efforts will provide 4 meals for every $1 you donate. Send out a few emails, post your drive on Facebook, and tweet a few hunger stats. If 20 people give just $25, that’s $500. You’ve raised enough to provide a family of 4 enough food for 6 months! Your efforts have a real impact!

Who can host a drive?
Anyone! Raising funds and collecting food is rewarding. Become one of the thousands of people who fundraise on behalf of Second Harvest. Host a drive for your company, school, congregation, club, or neighborhood. You can also host a drive among your family and friends!

Selecting dates: Food drives can run as little as two hours or up to two months. Some donors even collect food and money year round. The average drive is usually about two to three weeks.

Choosing your locations: If you have multiple locations, you may want to recruit someone at each of those sites to help you manage donations. Select high-traffic areas where the barrels and signage will be noticeable and convenient for donors. Be sure to consider safety and security issues when choosing your locations.

Setting Goals: Setting a goal is a good way to motivate your donors and it provides a sense of accomplishment at the end of your drive. For every 1.25 pounds of food you collect, you will be credited one meal.For every dollar you raise, you will be credited four meals. Another great way to motivate participants is to set a goal per student/employee. Then multiply that by the number participants to determine your final goal. There is an award presented at our Annual Dinner for the most meals per student/employee.

Determining how many barrels you will need: One barrel holds an average of 125 pounds of food. If you will be collecting food, a good way to estimate the number of barrels you will need is by dividing your goal by 125. If you anticipate that more donors will contribute financially, fewer barrels may be needed.

Scheduling delivery and pick-up: Once you have planned your drive you should contact Second Harvest to arrange for delivery of barrels, donation envelopes, bags and other supplies you may need to conduct your drive. Second Harvest can deliver supplies Monday- Friday, 8-3pm. If your drive falls on a weekend, the barrels and supplies will be delivered the Friday before and picked up the following Monday. Please include any special instructions (business hours, gate codes, department, suite number, etc…). All changes to pick ups or deliveries must be made 48 hours prior to the scheduled pick up or delivery date.

What if my drive isn’t going well? We are here to help! Our experienced staff will get your drive back on track. Just contact us and we will share the best ways to get your group motivated and inspired. Email or call 831.498.4119.

When is the best time to host a drive? Today! Register to host a drive today to build camaraderie within your organization, rally your friends through meaningful action, and connect with your community.



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