Staff Directory

Second Harvest Food Bank Phone: (831) 722-7110

Employee/Location Phone Ext Title
Agency Help Line 201
Bly Morales 226 Senior Manager Food Drives & Events
Brenda Jaurequi 229 Volunteer Program Coordinator
Bryn Calderon 230 Senior Marketing and Annual Fund Manager
Cathy Hsu 221 Director of Institutional Giving
Chris Ryan 230 Senior Communications & Analytics Manager
Clyde Kimura 210 Senior Accounting Manager
Crystal Cerda 218 Nutrition Programs Coordinator
David Rivas 251 Inventory Coordinator
David Johnson Williams 204 AmeriCorps Volunteer (agencies)
Erik Sanchez 223 Warehouse Manager
Erin Dunn 209 Director of Community Programs
Ernesto Nieves 224 Senior Manager -Facilities & Safety
Grace Galvan 208 Director of Agency Network Services
Jan Kamman 236 Director of Community & Corporate Relations
Jeanette Hager 207 Finance Director
Joe Pirmann 219 Human Resources & Finance Manager
Joel Campos 222 Director of Community Outreach
Jordan Zell 248 Information Technology Director
Julio Neri Andrade 229 Nutrition Education Coordinator
Kevin Heuer 220 Chief Operations and Programs Officer
Mary Casey 228 Executive Assistant
Rosario Valerio 205 Volunteer Services Manager
Sandy Chavez 214 Calfresh Outreach Worker
Sandra Varela 225 Calfresh Outreach Worker
Silvia Marmolejo 202 Hotline Outreach Coordinator
Sofia Villagomez 229 AmeriCorps Volunteer (P4P)
Stephanie Cisneros 204 AmeriCorps Volunteer (FFC/P4P)
Suzanne Willis 217 Development & Marketing Officer
Tiffany Wong 212 Agency Relations Coordinator
Victor Kimura 206 Chief Financial & Administrative Officer
Warehouse-Receiving 223
Willy Elliott-McCrea 211 Chief Executive Officer
Yaceth Virgen 216 Calfresh Outreach Worker

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